Who We Are

Allison Hamaker – Co-founder, President, Director

Allison Hamaker, Co-founder, President, and Director of Leas of Lychten

My granddaddy Byrd was a cowboy/sharecropper in Texas, and my Grandma Alice on the other side was an avid English gardener here in the Central Valley.  Because of my parents’ upbringing, they both know a great deal about tending farm animals, and about planting, harvesting, and the joy of building up the soil.  They are a great resource and great teachers, and they are very capable.  One year, Mom put up 99 bottles of pears by herself.  Dad made Ag chemistry his career.  His job was to ensure the public safety by testing crops for pesticide residues before the crops went to market.  Every year Dad prepared a large garden at home, and we helped plant, weed, and harvest.  It was vital to know how deep to plant the seeds, and the proper timing in feeding and watering the plants.  Each year my sister and I would have a contest to see who could grow the finest mammoth sunflower.  I remember one year Dad has us plant a 40’ fence with Kentucky Wonder pole beans.  Mother would send us out to pick them, and we’d come back in saying there weren’t any.  “You have to look under the leaves,” she said.  I still hear her in my head when I harvest green beans.  It was fun to be in the garden working together.

This continues down a third generation, with our own lush garden, and to the fourth, with our son’s garden.  The soil calls us to work it, and rewards us with beauty and bounty.

Allison has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from CSUS, a Master’s degree in Taxation from CSUS, and a certificate in Land Use and Environmental Planning from U.C. Davis Extension.

– – –

Ray Hamaker – Co-founder, Director

Ray Hamaker, C-founder and Director of Leas of Lychten

Spring Glen was my favorite place to live as a kid.  My memories are actually very vivid of watching the irrigation water run down the big ditch in front of the house (that was the runoff from the neighbor’s farm), or of watching it in the rows of our own garden.  Helping Grandpa Smitty turn “in” or “out” the water on our watering days was a real privilege.  We would trudge up to the canal with our shovels, hoes, and rakes, and clear out any weeds that might suck away the water, or keep it from flowing freely into the correct ditch.

The ditches ran water to the orchard, and then to the little patch of lawn that Gram was so proud of.  They irrigated the garden so that we’d be able to have fruit all through the winter and through to next harvest.  They sent sheets of water across the ever-so-carefully smoothed-at-just-the-right-angle pasture so that the goats and sheep on the one side, or the cows and horses on the other side, would have enough to eat without us having to constantly fork hay out of the barn.

I still love to watch the water run.

Ray Hamaker has an Associates Degree in Applied Electronics from ITT Technical Institute.  He grew up farming, and can ride and rope to take care of the cows each year.  He is also a handyman deluxe, learning from his father how to do a good job welding, plumbing, framing,  installing electricity and concrete, farming, and how to tell a good story.

– – –

Kevin Hall – Director, General Counsel


Kevin Hall has been in practice since 2003 providing legal representation in a civil practice including the areas of business litigation, real property disputes, legal counseling to small businesses, general civil litigation, and personal bankruptcy. Mr. Hall graduated and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, and has represented clients in construction defect and warranty matters, retail and commercial lease negotiations and litigation, business counsel and litigation, and other civil matters.

– – –

Bernhard J Hamaker – Director

Bernhard Hamaker, Director of Leas of Lychten

I often worked in gardens growing up.  As an adult, I am sure to plant one everywhere I live if there is dirt.  My wife and I even created a garden oasis in the Mojave Desert, which made it more livable than I ever would have expected.  Now I live in the Rocky Mountains where zucchini vines are kudzu and potatoes are 15 cents a pound. I love having life all around me and am determined to make the world green and delicious.

I once had the privilege of managing an acre as a personal assistant for an elderly man who had weathered the Great Depression.  I learned so much from that experience about “life as such,” responsibility and growth, that can only be communicated by participation.  I look forward to sharing this beautiful knowledge with my children.

I’ve been working in Internet Marketing for seven years.  I love the lightning pace, the constant evolution, and finding ways to be clever.  I contribute to the Leas of Lychten online presence in a number of ways, and probably will be corresponding with you if you connect with us online.

Bernhard has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from University of Phoenix.  He is an amateur woodworker who prefers to build his own furniture.  He is also a husband and the father of nearly four children.

– – –

Ben Kenealey

I never did take much thought for gardening growing up. I remember the first thing I planted to grow and get food from was a single kernel of corn from a school project.  When the school project was over, I transplanted it from the styrofoam cup into the back yard of my house. I was so anxious to get to eat the corn that I picked it and cooked it long before it was ready. Being left unimpressed by the taste of home grown corn, I didn’t make another attempt at a garden until after I was married. I enjoy having the garden now, and my wife and daughter enjoy it too.  I wonder how much work it would be to just live off the land. It looks like I get to have some experience with that now.

Ben owns a sign shop, manufacturing neon for many local businesses and individuals. He its currently pursuing a degree in business administration at CSUS and holds three Associates Degrees in Sign Language Interpreting, Language Studies, and Liberal Arts from American River College. Ben is also an expert juggler, participating in a community group to perfect his skill.

– – –

Lane Squires

My grandparents have farmed the soils of west central Idaho for over 50 years –
and many in my extended family continue to do so today. With each vacation from
our home in the Midwestern U.S. to visit my grandparents – my family would join
in enjoying the bountiful harvest that was provided with hard work and diligence.
I remember receiving 20+lb packages of potatoes in the mail and opening them to
find only 3-4 large bakers inside!

My parents worked hard to instill in me the importance of supplying our family with
as much sustenance and bounty as our little suburban yards could provide. We’d
spend summer breaks weeding, harvesting, canning, and enjoying the crops we
grew year after year. Now my wife, kids, and I have turned our small Sacramento
yard into our ‘little Eden’ – a pursuit that has provided us so far with middling crops,
and immeasurable enjoyment.

When Allison and Ray approached me to assist in building and expanding this
project into something that was beyond themselves, their family, and their
generation, I was excited and astonished to be apart of such a big idea in its infancy.
It’s my hope that this small seed planted now will flourish into a bounteous offering
for many generations of families to come.

Lane D Squires is currently a resident physician in Otolaryngology and Head & Neck
Surgery at U.C. Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California. He studied Physiology
and Developmental Biology at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT and received
his Medical Doctorate at the University of Washington in Seattle. He has held multiple
jobs prior to medicine, including work as a butcher, college football field painter, and
golf course landscaper.

– – –

Michael Seymour – Treasurer

Michael Seymour, Treasurer of Leas of Lychten, Inc.

At our home in Anatolia, south of Rancho Cordova, we have a couple box gardens and other plants in our backyard and are really enjoying tons of boysenberries, strawberries, tomatoes, and potatoes.

In high school, I lived in El Centro, CA (near the Mexico border) and we had some goats to help keep the large front fenced lawn acre mown.

We don’t have much agricultural experience, but I like to learn and look forward to opportunities to work with and teach my 3 girls!

Mike works for Franklin Templeton Investments as a Senior Technology Auditor in the Internal Audit department. He’s been there for three years, before which he worked as an IT auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers in San Diego. He has both bachelors and masters degrees in Information Systems from Brigham Young University.  One of Mike’s special skills is that he keeps his family budget information to the penny.

– – –

We will be adding the bios of the remaining board and staff as they become available.

Board and Staff of the Leas of Lychten sustainable farm

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