Farm Master Plan

Here is the Current Master Plan for Leas of Lychten in PDF format.  As the Master Plan changes, outdated versions will also be available.  We want you to see all the changes from square one.

If you don’t feel like opening a PDF without adequate inspiration, here is the table of contents to whet your appetite (perhaps even literally):

Mission Statement and Vision Statement . . . ii

– Activity Centers –

Olive Orchard . . . 1

Fruit Orchard . . . 2

Shiitake Mushrooms . . . 3

Heirloom Garlic . . . 3

Medicinal and Culinary Herb Garden . . . 4

Tilapia Fish Farming . . . 5

Araucana Chickens . . . 5

Berkshire Hogs . . . 6

Artisan Cheese . . . 6

Physical Layout of the Ranch . . . 7

Labor on the Ranch and Stock Purchase Opportunity . . . 10

Job Responsibilities of Staff . . . 10



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